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2.5 months CAT preparatory Plan

Find and seek information, tips, and hacks related to CAT/XAT/IIFT preparation

2.5 months CAT preparatory Plan

Postby sadmin » Sat Sep 09, 2017 5:41 pm

It's almost 2.5 months to CAT-2017 and most serious CAT aspirants will be placing their preparation in the top. However, many of you are just about to start your preparation. If you are one such student, do not worry; the key to success is good planing and implementation of your plan. By the way !! have you registered for CAT, if not do that the first thing after reading this post. Here is a three month study plan to help you achieve your goal. Remember, if you are preparing for the first time, you have to spend every waking minute of your day in something related to CAT preparation: taking tests, analysing tests, working on your weaknesses, working on your reading speed, working on your Quantitative ability. Here is a step by step plan for you to start working. Remember, this is a general plan, do not hesitate to tweak it a bit here and there to suit your needs.
The first thing that you must do as a CAT aspirant is to find out more information about CAT preparation, syllabus, time, slots ( everything that will help you plan) . The next thing is to take a mock CAT test. One such mock test is available at . You may use the mock test to identify your strength and weaknesses.
Spend the first 20 days after your analysis on systematically working on basic areas. Give around 50% of time available to your weaker section and divide the remaining time among the other sections. Use videos on ... RosF1FoCRg - Mend your Math

In the second month, you must focus on practising questions, and solving atleast one or two mock tests in a week. Practice sessions should be planned according to your strengths and weaknesses. Make sure that you analyze each and every test that you take. In case you are not able to analyze two tests in a week, take only one test during the week. Do not stay away from any topic for more than a week. Schedule your practice sessions accordingly.
Finally, in the last month, continue most of what you were doing in month two. Additionally, revise basic concepts once again. Increase the quantum of reading you have been doing on a daily basis. A couple of days before the exam, reduce the intensity of your study. Just limit it to solving moderate questions and revision of formulae etc. A day before CAT, read something that will divert your mind from the pressure of taking the CAT next day. Make sure you sleep well a day before. On the exam day, just go and do your best.

Check the link below to find a course that fulfills your requirement:
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