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Doubts of Time and Distance Sheet No 2 (Pages: 1 2 )

In this forum, please discuss the questions appearing in the QA class sheets :especially the practice and the DS questions at the end of the sheet.

Re: Doubts of Time and Distance Sheet No 2 (Pages: 1 2 )

Postby sadmin » Thu Feb 28, 2013 1:00 pm


If A gives B a start of 40 m and A wins by 19 seconds does not imply that B travels 40 m in 19 seconds.

The reason if A wins by 19 seconds there must be some distance by which B is behind when A reaches the finish point.

Let us say A and B start from P and Q respectively. When B reaches a point P1, which is 40 m ahead of P , A starts running; When A reaches the finish point Q, B is still at point Q1, which is behind Q. This distance QQ1 is not known to us.

What you need to understand here is that B TRAVELS THE DISTANCE OF QQ1 in these 19 seconds and not 40 m as you assumed in your solution.
I shall solve this question in a separate post.
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