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MBA implies Master in Business Administration, and, true to its name, this degree equips you with the skills required to manage a business organization. MBA helps you to better utilize the available resources in order to fulfill the objectives your company.


An MBA degree, also known as PGDM, PGDBM,MMS etc, is a two year course which trains a students on various aspects of running and managing companies, such as marketing , finance, operations, systems and Human resources. At the end of your two year MBA, you should be ready to take on the challenges thrown at you during your stint in the corporate world.


Careers in management


Management offers a broad range of career options across industry and across functions. Broadly speaking careers in management can be classified into four broad functions


  • Operations Management
  • Finance Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Human Resource Management


Operations Management deals with the day to day functioning of the company. Operations form the back bone of any company’s day to day functioning. The success of companies’ products and services depend on how efficient the company’s operations are. Operations includes, functions such as purchase, Inventory management, Logistics, Production planning and scheduling etc.

If operations are the backbone of a company- Finance is the hinge, around which everything in the company revolves. A company’s operation, to start and to sustain, needs money and its proper management, to ensure that a company is never cash strapped and it has enough money to fulfill its long term objectives. Finance includes functions such as Corporate Finance, Banking and Investment Banking, Financial services such as insurance, stocks and derivatives, Project Management etc.

Marketing is all about identifying the right product to be directed and sold to the right market. Marketing function is responsible for the product design and development, product packaging, advertising and communication and ultimately selling the product or the service. In an era of competition, this is one of the most important functions in a company.

Human Resources management is about managing and training the most important resource of a company, i.e. Men. This department is responsible for recruiting; selecting and training people of a company, keeping in mind the companies’ long term goals and objectives.


MBA entrance exams


Management is a coveted career; needless to say, the entrance process to such a career will be very competitive; anyone aspiring to get admissions to top B-schools has to face a written test followed, generally, by a group discussion and a personal interview.


Common exams for top B-schools


  • CMAT: Conducted by AICTE for admission to several colleges across India.
  • MAT: Conducted by All India Management Association for admission to several B schools across India. MAT is held 4 times every year.
  • CET: For admission to management colleges in Maharashtra

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